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Event Sponsors

Brisbane Road Runners Club is very fortunate to be supported by our Event Sponsors, and we encourage our members to support them in return.


The Intraining Running Centre is the second oldest running specialist store in Australia and was established in 1979. Owners and keen runners, Steve and Margot Manning work to create opportunities for athletes of all abilities to pursue their running goals, and to establish and maintain a healthy balance of sport, health and work in their lifestyle.

Intraining have a goal to share the joy of running with the community and are the one stop running shop where you can find the best advice for all your running needs. They help people of all abilities find the best pair of running shoes to suit you.


Their Sports Injury Clinic and Rehab Studio can help in assessing injuries and also offer comprehensive workshops focusing on running technique and core stability.

Intraining has one of Australia’s biggest running and triathlon clubs with multiple coached sessions all over Brisbane.

NRCHI Bodywork

Greg Beerling and his team at NRCHI have got your injuries covered from A-Z. Try them for cupping, acupuncture, chinese herbs or remedial and traditional thai massage.

Flip Belt

Made in the USA, the FlipBelt is wide enough to accommodate even the largest phones such as the iPhone Plus sizes, and all the Notes. Our no buckle system and even design makes the FlipBelt the most comfortable belt on the market. Simply step into the belt like a pair of pants and place where it’s most comfortable to you, and forget that you’re wearing it.


Easily slide in your essentials, such as your phone, through any of the three or four access points, secure your keys on the sewn-in clip, and place small valuables inside the zipper pocket.  


The FlipBelt can also be used as a hydration belt with the addition of custom designed, ergonomic water bottles.

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Please support our Event Sponsors

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