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BRRC Events

BRRC Events are held each fortnight on a Sunday morning, normally at 6am, but sometimes at 6.30am during winter for safety reasons, so it is best to check the relevant event page for current information and start times.

All events consist of a 5k run and other distances up to 35k during the peak running season in the lead up to the Brisbane Marathon and Gold Coast Marathon.

Members and visitors must pre-register online from the Monday prior to each event date, until 7pm on the Saturday night before the event.

No late entries will be accepted and you will not be able to register on the morning of the event.


Arrive early, as parking is always tight, particularly with our Championship race attendances close to 300.  


Be prepared to jog/walk some distance from your vehicle, and please respect our neighbours by keeping noise levels to a minimum.


Please turn up to the Pre-race Briefing 5 minutes before start-time, with your timing chip attached towards the front of your shoe.  If you forget your timing chip, you can be issued a temporary 'Timing Bib' for the event at the timing tent.

Temporary timing bib is to be returned after your run.

If you are a new member, be sure to arrive early and pick up your 'shoe tag' from the Timing Chip table.

Please note that the WIRE TIES SHOULD NOT BE USED as they may interfere with the new timing chip 'shoe tag'. 


You should now use the SHOELACE to secure the tag to your running shoe.

Click Here for the correct positioning of the 'shoe tag'


Finally, we ask that you check the relevant event webpage for updated event details and instructions when registering for each event.


All events are conducted along our normal course

at West End from the SBSC Hall at Orleigh Park

28 July 2024 - 5km, 10km & 15km

25 August 2024 - 20km Club Champ & 5km

8 September2024 - 5km, 10km, 20km & 25km

  Click on each event for more details  

Upcoming Events

If you're on Strava then you can check out the course, segments, and profile at our BRRC Club page. 

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