BRRC Adult Membership costs $ 60.00 per year and comprises of two components:-


  1. $ 48.00 paid to BRRC when you purchase this Gift Voucher
  2. $ 12.00 paid to QRUN when the Gift Voucher is redeemed


As all member registrations are handled by QRUN, we can only provide this Gift Voucher for the BRRC component of the membership fee ($ 48.00), as the QRUN fee ($12.00) must be paid to them directly at the time of registration on the membership portal.


Upon registering your BRRC Membership on the QRUN portal, you will have to enter the ‘Voucher Redemption Code’ shown on the downloaded Gift Voucher, when prompted for a DISCOUNT CODE, and then pay the $ 12.00 balance to QRUN by Credit Card as directed.

Adult Membership Gift Voucher

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