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October 16, 2022

3 Person x 4.5km Relay

This event is open for BRRC Members and Visitors.


This event consists of three runners per team and each runner completing three circuits of a 1.5km loop from the clubhouse to the West End ferry terminal.

Click here for Map of Course.

You don’t need to organise your own team – just come along and we’ll organise the teams - one “fast”, one “medium” and one “not‐as‐fast” runner per team.


With three loops of the same course, there are plenty of runners going around and the competition can be fierce. Not quite as serious as a Club Championship, the race always proves to be one of the most popular and enjoyable races of the year. 

All participants run 4.5k, made up of 3 x 1.5k loops.

The first runner for each team will start the race at 6.00am and that runner completes 3 laps (4.5km), prior to crossing the start/finish line they will tag the second runner, in the changeover zone. The second runner then crosses the start/finish line to commence their 3 laps. Click here for diagram of start/finish line & changeover zone.

The third runner for that team tags the second runner, in the changeover ares, after their 3 laps (4.5km), and then crosses the start/finish line to commence their 3 laps (4.5km).

The team whose third runner crosses the start/finish line first after completing their 3 laps (4.5km) wins the event.

 Please report to the Race Director before 5:45am for details of your 

Relay Team and team members. 


Start time  is  6.00am on Sunday 16th October, 2022

Note:- an 8:30am 'cut-off time' applies to this event

Members and Visitors must pre-register online from the Monday prior to each event date, until 7pm on the Saturday night before the event.


No late entries will be accepted and you will not be able to register on the morning of the event.

Event Registration will open on Monday 10th October, and will close 7pm sharp on Saturday 15th October.


IMPORTANT EVENT INFORMATION - please read before you register ​​

  • If you feel unwell, have any symptoms of a cold or flu – stay at home. This includes our wonderful and generous volunteers, officials, competitors and spectators.

  • Bring your own water bottles and breakfast. A table will be provided on the roadside near the start/finish line for water bottles. After run fruit (e.g. Bananas) will be provided by BRRC an the water tables near the start/finish line.

  • Please do arrive in time to warm-up and be at the start line at 5:55am.  The Pre-race Briefing will be provided online but any other important safety messages will be delivered at the start line if needed.



IMPORTANT – Please do not attend BRRC if you feel unwell, have symptoms of a cold or flu or you are waiting on a covid test result, you are required to isolate due to a positive test, or are considered a close contact of a person who returned a covid positive result.

Please follow good COVID-19 protocols - Practice Social Distancing and wear a mask if necessary. Maintain good hygiene (hand sanitiser will available at uniform/chip collection tables).

If you require water during your run, place your water bottle on the tables near the start/finish line.

Toilets are located in Orleigh Park and the clubhouse.

Please ensure your timing chip is attached towards the front of your shoe. You should use the SHOELACE to secure the tag to your running shoe. Click Here for the correct positioning of the 'shoe tag'

If you have not yet collected your timing chip, be sure to arrive in time to collect it from the Chip Collection table.

If you have registered online and forget your timing chip. Please call at the timing tent and you can be issued a temporary 'Timing Bib' for the event, which is to be returned to the timing tent after your run.

Please note that a CUT-OFF TIME of 8:30AM applies to this event 

At that time, the timing system will be switched off and all volunteers (including course marshals & drink station attendants) will begin packing up.

If you have any queries, please email

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